Secure assets with Robotics and AI.

Save costs and get quantitative insights of your premises.

Say hello to next gen security.

Detect people on premises

Verify perimeter integrity

Record property lights

Scan for thermal anomaly

Control parking lots

Check doors and windows

See it in action.

Level up your site’s security.

Ascento Robot
all-terrain robot

Level up
your site’s security.

Detect threats faster with greater accuracy

Tailored to you, hired by the hour

Reduce cost from day one

Provided as a comprehensive Robotics-­as-a-Service solution.

Ready. Set. Guard. Guard.


Autonomous charging with over 4 hours of battery life

All weather capable. Rain, snow, or wind

Safe autonomous walking speed

Payload system including thermal, RGB, and infrared cameras

Manage and monitor. Securely.


A cute little robot face

Control your robot anytime, anywhere.

Ascento Application

Control your robot anytime, anywhere

Encrypted live communication

Configurable patrol scheduling

Powerful reports leveraged by AI

Integrates with existing video management systems

We got you covered. Always.


Turnkey solution with immediate cost-benefits

Training and onboarding

Guaranteed up-time with 24/7 support

Install in hours and benefit from our full service package with guaranteed up-time and fast replacements.

Ascento Robot

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